Curious Mercury Discovery by Scientists

Scientists continue their studies on space and our galaxy without slowing down. As a result of the studies carried out to date, it has been discovered that Mercury’s orbit shifts as it rotates, and as a result of this shift, it has a molten core. According to the latest developments, there is another solid main core under the molten core of Mercury.


As a result of the scientific study called MESSENGER (Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and Ranging), which was completed in 2015, it was discovered that Mercury also has a solid core. As a result of their studies, scientists began to describe Mercury as a ‘cannonball’ because the core layer makes up most of the volume of the planet Mercury. As part of the MESSENGER study, studies on the data continue.

Scientists who continue their studies in fields such as orbital mechanics, geophysics, geochemistry and gravity are very satisfied with the results they have achieved. Because the core of the planet Mercury is cooling faster than the Earth, which helps them understand what the Earth will be like in the future.

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