Customer experience authority Don Peppers on Alterna CX’s advisory board

Don Peppers, recognized as an authority in the field of customer experience in the world, will advise Alterna CX, which offers artificial intelligence-based customer and employee experience software, to expand its products worldwide.

Customer experience authority Don Peppers has joined the advisory board of Alterna CX, which produces artificial intelligence-based solutions for companies to monitor, measure, manage and improve customer experience. In the statement made by Alterna CX, which has been serving global brands from e-commerce to banking, insurance to retail, and different sectors since 2015; It has been stated that Don Peppers, the opinion leader in the field of customer experience, will provide consultancy for Alterna CX to expand its products worldwide.

It is in the top 3% of the world

Don Peppers comments on Alterna CX, which is among the top 3% of companies offering customer experience software worldwide according to global technology research companies, Gartner and Forrester Reports: “Alterna CX offers significant competition to companies aiming for the best in customer experience. offers the advantage. Companies achieve this by using natural language processing, experience analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to analyze all customer experience (CX) signals generated by customers, including surveys, complaints, social media and other interactions. The software offered by Alterna CX can quickly identify and identify the most important issues and potential opportunities for companies to look out for. This not only significantly reduces manual work for CX professionals, but also shortens the time for companies to respond to customer requests and solve problems.”

“Alterna CX’s technologies are breaking new ground in customer experience”

Noting that Alterna CX solutions can predict which factors contribute most to higher customer experience quality and loyalty, Peppers said, “I have known the Alterna CX founders since we worked together at Peppers & Rogers Group. That’s why I know their passion for customer experience very well and I have a lot of confidence in the technology they bring to the market. “I think this hi-tech represents a breakthrough for CX professionals worldwide and automates much of the routine work that slows down the customer experience management process.”

The secret of success is collective intelligence and cooperation

Stating that they are proud to work with a globally recognized opinion leader on customer experience, Alterna CX CEO Gürol Kurt expressed his views as follows: “Our corporate culture is based on cooperation that allows to generate creative ideas and build collective intelligence. After Don Peppers formally joins our advisory board, we look forward to providing more companies with the roadmap that will enable them to deeply understand what their customers really think and feel, and improve their brand experience.”

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