Customers say “experience first”

Developing technology and pandemic conditions have also deeply affected the behavior of customers. Customers, who used to make their shopping preferences focused on quality and price, now prioritize experience above all else when choosing between brands.

According to a study by IDC, companies that prioritized making their business more efficient and profitable before the pandemic put their customers first when asked which strategic business goals will gain importance in the next 12-24 months post-pandemic. Customers who change their behavior with the developing technology and pandemic say “experience first”. In an environment where access channels are increasing, companies that want to provide their customers with the best experience at all touch points need omnichannel management platforms. New moves are also coming from the structures operating in this field. Finally, the domestic startup Infoset, which gathers all support and sales processes on a single platform, announced that its establishment in January 2020 has turned its route to Europe and America a year later. According to the information obtained from the company, Infoset, which offers a modern omnichannel customer service software, increased the number of customers and usage rates 6 times in 6 months. During this period, more than 3 million live support calls were made, and the number of users approached 2,000.

Good customer experience increases sales up to 50% in e-commerce

Noting that they enrich their products in terms of behavioral and communicative marketing, Infoset Co-Founder Samed Düzçay stated that they can increase the sales of their customers in the e-commerce sector by 30-50%. Mentioning that multi-channel process management is effective in enriching the customer experience, facilitating support processes and increasing sales, Samed Düzçay said, “Customers want to have a first-class experience at all points of contact with the brand. A good customer experience also affects the profitability of the company. According to a study by IPSOS, a company doing B2B business improves customer experience, resulting in a 0.1 point increase in loyalty. This increase brings with it an increase of $ 27 million in the company’s revenues in 2 years.

The customer’s greatest expectation is a seamless experience.

Samed Düzçay commented on the changes in the marketing world and customer expectations as follows: “The new name of marketing is customer experience. We used to have ROIs, so we used to see how soon we could get a return on our investment. Now we have ROCXI, so we look at how much our investment in customer experience is returning us. The definition of a good experience varies from customer to customer, and the old ‘for all’ approach no longer works. Moreover, the customer expects the same quality of experience at every touch point. According to data released by the Wunderman Thompson agency, 42% of consumers say they expect a seamless experience across all devices and channels. 11% of decision makers see seamless, multi-channel experiences as the most important factor in delivering quality experiences.”

Speeds up boost times up to 2x

Samed Düzçay, who said that being able to manage all communication channels and teams from a single panel provides convenience in a hybrid working order, also explained the benefits of Infoset to companies: “Companies like incoming/outgoing calls, e-mail, live support, chatbot, social media manages all communication channels easily from a single platform. It simplifies support operations with multi-channel automations. By speeding up support times up to 2 times, it improves customer experience scores and increases sales.”

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