DARPA Builds a System That Can Be Controlled With Thought

DARPA, the Advanced Defense Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense, which is responsible for producing new technologies for the US military, is investing in a program that allows soldiers to control everything with just brain activity, including active cyber defense systems and unmanned aerial vehicles. This program works with a brain/machine interface in the form of a headset.


The agency hopes this interface will make it easier for staff to perform complex tasks and help them multitask. Program manager Al Emondi says staff will wear the neural interface headset in the future, just as they would gear up for a task.

DAPRA has an ambitious timeline for the headset. First on the agenda is finding a way to record electrical signals in the brain and transfer information to brain tissue. DARPA hopes to later turn this capability into a brain/machine interface useful militarily, such as controlling swarms of drones.

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