Dauntless Achieved Reaching 5 Million Players

According to the post on Dauntless’s official Twitter account, this multiplayer, free-to-play game has received more than 5 million players. The company announced last Friday that the game had exceeded the 4 million threshold.

It is not unexpected for a free-to-play game to reach such player numbers. Respawn’s Apex Legends was released earlier this year. The game managed to exceed the threshold of 10 million in the first three days, the threshold of 25 million at the end of the first week, and the threshold of 50 million players at the end of a month.

Dauntless isn’t a shooter, so it wouldn’t be fair to compare it to Apex Legends, which has a much different take on it. Dauntless is an online multiplayer game where players hunt massive monsters and defeat them in real-time battles. Therefore, it appeals to a more niche audience and the number of 5 million players it has reached is quite impressive.

This game, which can be played on Xbox One, PS4 and computer, is exclusively available on the Epic Games Store on the computer. You can give it a try by downloading this free game. You can reach the game’s Epic Games Store page here.

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