Deadline for Free Cyber ​​Summer Camp 10 June

The deadline for the seventh of BÜSİBER’s free cyber security camps, Boğaziçi Free Cyber ​​Summer Camp, which will be held on 24-28 June 2019, has been announced as 10 June 2019. You can click here to apply for the Cyber ​​Summer Camp free of charge.


BÜSİBER Manager Assoc. Dr. Bilgin Metin said, “We are happy to realize our seventh cyber camp. We are pre-selecting students who apply through an online exam on June 11 at 20:00. Then, we accept the students to our cyber camp by taking another exam in the laboratory environment on 22-23 June.” Then he continued his words as follows;

“We also provide food to our students in our camp. We provide our students with a solid infrastructure by teaching the background of these tools, as well as the ready-made tools that are widely used in cyber security education. We raise awareness about the ethical and legal use of the information they have learned through the cybercrime law courses in our camp. This year, we included training on the personal data protection law numbered 6698 within the scope of the camp. Participants in our free camps have started working at leading companies in the cybersecurity industry.”

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