Deadpool In New Thor Movie After Avengers: Endgame

With Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox studios last year, the pot was boiling. Rumors that the X-Men and Avengers team, which had been out of the hands of separate studios for years, would come together, had peaked with this purchase.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will end an era with Endgame, will begin a new sequence with the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie, which will be released this summer. In this sequence, we are expected to see all the characters whose production rights belong to Fox and are now at Disney’s disposal.

Of course, Deadpool is one of them!


“Deadpool, our love child” (By the way, Ryan Reynolds also shared It has been tagged.)

Having achieved a very serious success with its low-budget first movie, Deadpool crowned this success with its second movie, which was released last year. As soon as we learned that the third movie of the character, identified with Ryan Reynolds, would not be released, Fox was also fully sold to Disney.

Actor Chris Hemsworth, who gave life to Thor, pretended to say hello to Deadpool in his personal Instagram account. Because Deadpool in the post is holding a small version of the classic Thor helmet and the first mjölnir hammer.


If we consider the transformation in Thor movies, it seems overly logical that Deadpool will appear in a possible 4th Thor movie. Having a rather dark structure at the beginning, the Thor series even reflected the apocalyptic event in Scandinavian mythology, which has its origins in its last movie, Ragnarok, on the big screen in an entertaining way.

It is possible to say that Deadpool will have a great chemistry with Thor as a character who is indiscreet in all situations and conditions. The Avengers series directors Russo Brothers, who made a statement in the past days, said that despite the leaked 4.5-minute scene, there are many more secrets in the movie(!)

Is it obvious, maybe at the end of Endgame, our heroes will open the door to parallel universes and Deadpool, Wolverine Now we have the opportunity to watch cult characters such as Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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