Defense industry goes digital with the power of domestic software

The defense industry, which has reduced Turkey’s dependence on foreign sources by increasing its domesticity rate to 80%, accelerated its digital transformation with the power it received from domestic software. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, developed in line with the changing dynamics of the industry, enable integrated management of all processes from production to export. While domestic software brings flexibility and efficiency to businesses, it creates a protective shield in terms of cyber security and data privacy.

The Turkish defense and aerospace industry, which has increased its domesticity rate to 80% with its R&D and innovation activities, is gradually expanding its export activities. According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), the sector realized an export of 3 billion 224 million 786 thousand dollars in 2021 with an increase of 41.5%. Stating that domestic software, which provides R&D and innovation power to enterprises, constitutes the backbone of the defense industry, which aims to exceed 10 billion dollars in exports in 2023, Bilişim A.Ş. General Manager Hüseyin Erdağ said, “The Turkish defense industry gives Turkey a representative power among the giant industries of the world with the solutions offered by domestic software. Domestic software not only adds quality to the defense industry and therefore the Turkish economy, but also creates a protective shield over the defense industry in terms of cyber security and data privacy. Developed in accordance with the needs of businesses, domestic software brings flexibility and efficiency to all processes of institutions from production to export. As Bilişim AŞ, we have been playing an active role in the dissemination of domestic software with our innovative industrial software solutions and projects since 1985.” said.

Businesses that center digital transformation can increase their income

Studies conducted on a global scale show that enterprises operating in the defense industry can achieve competitiveness by following a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. Businesses that have completed the digitalization process can scale more than 50% of their business. On the other hand, businesses that center digitalization can increase the added value and income of their investments, while achieving 4 times growth compared to other sectors.

ERP solutions are at the center of transformation in the defense industry

Pointing out that digitalization, which affects almost every sector, has increased the need for software that offers end-to-end digital solutions in the defense industry, Hüseyin Erdağ said, “ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions developed according to the needs of institutions are at the center of the transformation of the defense industry. We respond to the changing dynamics of the defense industry with our ERP solutions that we have developed using advanced technologies. We are guiding the digital transformation of the defense and aerospace industry with our new generation ERP solutions that integrate all the stages needed in production into a single source.”

Flexible and customizable solutions

Noting that ERP solutions developed based on the needs of businesses shape the future of the defense industry, Bilişim A.Ş. General Manager Hüseyin Erdağ said, “We bring cost and time savings to businesses by bringing together stock, sales, purchasing, production, quality, HR, finance, cost maintenance and repair management in a single source. We enable businesses to instantly access all the information they need in decision-making processes, and we bring agility to businesses by accelerating strategic processes such as production planning, stock and raw material management. We increase the profitability of businesses by ensuring that all processes from production to sales are managed in an integrated manner from a single platform.” said.

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