Deleting Backgrounds of Photos and Videos from Phone!

Photoshop or similar applications used by photo or video editors sometimes require detailed technical knowledge. But there are simpler solutions to the question ‘How to remove the background in photos and videos’. Here we will talk about these solutions today. With the applications we will talk about in our video, you can delete people or objects from your photos and save them in .png format and get a transparent image. We will also have an app recommendation for converting your videos to GIF.

Erase photo background in seconds:

Our first application we cover in our video is Any membership or free of chargeThanks to this website, the trouble of thinking about how to delete the background of the photos is eliminated and You can download it in .png format.

Easily make your videos GIF: Unscreen

For those who think about how to delete the background of the video, our second site is uncreen. Thanks to Unscreen You can convert videos to GIF.At the same time, Unscreen, which has an algorithm just like, helps us to remove the background in videos.

Background eraser app you can download from AppStore: Scan Thing

Our latest application is Scan Thing. Prepared for iOS only and You can download from the App StoreScan Thing, to erase the background in photos it works. This easy-to-use application has managed to score 4.6 out of 5 stars as a result of the evaluation in the AppStore. The application offers you 12 free transactions.

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