Details About Huawei’s Operating System Revealed

Huawei is trying to cope with the Trump administration’s sanctions. Immediately after Huawei was blacklisted in the United States, statements came first from Google, then from Intel and Qualcomm, and they announced that they had ended their work with Huawei. There were also statements from the Huawei front, and it was announced that the company had a plan B. Immediately after, it was announced that Huawei was given 90 days for some of the US sanctions decisions. On the Huawei front, it was stated that the company would create their own operating systems. There are some developments regarding the operating system of Huawei, the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer.


Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, made some statements about their operating systems. Yu stated that Huawei’s operating system will be an alternative to Android and that the operating system is extremely powerful. Stating that the best part of the operating system is that it works in harmony with all Android versions, Yu said that Huawei’s operating system autumnHe said he would be ready in the next few months.

Some thoughts on how Huawei’s operating system will continue to occupy the public’s agenda. According to experts, Huawei’s operating system will appear as an Android version completely free of Google services. However, according to software experts, this will not be so easy for Huawei. Because it does not seem possible to extract Google services embedded in the Android operating system from the Android operating system. It seems that; In order to draw the boundaries of Huawei’s operating system, the statements from company officials will be more decisive.

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