Detective Pikachu’s New Trailer Released

The creators of Detective Pikachu, the first live-action movie set in the world of Pokemon, seem to have succeeded in creating a real Pikachu that can both preserve the classic Pokemon design and be scary and cute at the same time. While the old trailers that have been published touch on the scary sides of Pikachu, we witness how colorful and wonderful the world of Pokeworld is in this trailer, by Ryan Reynolds, who is Detective Pikachu himself.

As we have witnessed from Pokemon’s games and anime, Pokemon is a cute character than it is shown in the movie. However, it was also reflected to us that this character had a somewhat problematic side. We’ve seen a lot of craziness in the world of Pokemon, from ghostly Pokemon pulling kids’ spirits into the night at midnight to 10-year-olds running around carrying divine beings in their back pockets.

Although Pokemon’s cuteness has always created a distraction for us, we couldn’t help but encounter facts that might disturb us when we think about it too much. Maybe that’s what the creators of Pokemon wanted to reflect. Aside from the wicked ones in the Pokemon world, when we came across tiny cute creatures, we forgot all this and immersed ourselves in the Pokemon world.

The new trailer, which was published on Ryan Reynolds’ YouTube channel, was published under the name ‘What a Pikachu World’, referring to Louis Armstrong’s song What a Wonderful World. If you want, let’s leave you alone with the trailer of Pikachu without further ado.

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