Developed The World’s First Unhackable Processor

Developed by University of Michigan researchers, MORPHEUS is the world’s first ‘unhackable’ processor. Self-encrypting technology is used in the processor, that is, the processor renews its own codes every 20 seconds. This is a very short time for any hacker to infiltrate the system.


MORPHEUS is a DARPA supported project. Changing its own codes in a very short time also makes the password cracking program obsolete. The prototype model of the processor is based on the open source RISC chip design. Developed with support from DARPA, the prototype MORPHEUS has successfully defended all known types of attacks so far.

The loss rate of MORPHEUS can be adjusted to achieve a balance between resource consumption and maximum security. The loss rate of the prototype model was set to 50 milliseconds during the demo, and its performance was affected by 1%. The processor’s architecture also includes an intrusion detector.

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