Developed Turkey’s first metaverse on the Solana blockchain!

While metaverse projects are rapidly spreading around the world, Turkey was one of the countries that attracted attention with the Forum Metaverse event. A Solana blockchain metaverse signed by Turkish developers, on the other hand, became the center of attention of followers in a very short time.

Blockchain technologies have gained one of the strongest user bases from Turkey since the day they started to become widespread. Following the interest shown in cryptocurrencies, our country also showed interest in the metaverse, one of the prominent concepts of technology called Web 3.0 and defined as the next version of the internet, together with global users. In Turkey, where new technology trends are followed closely with the Forum Metaverse event held at the end of March, the last concrete output of the interest in metaverse technology came from the investment consultancy company Trem Global. The company made one of the firsts by announcing its investments in the metaverse platform called MetaAge, which was developed on the Solana blockchain.

MetaAge Co-Founder and Project Manager Mustafa Ekinci, who shared his evaluations on the subject, said, “With MetaAge, which we developed on the Solana blockchain network, we enable Turkey to safely enter the domestic virtual universe and share this universe with global users. The platform, which can now be experienced on our Alpha version website, was opened to all users as of April 23.

Users will also be able to earn income while developing games

Metaverse projects are mostly offered with their own currencies. According to CoinMarketCap data, the local currencies of metaverse projects such as Decentraland, ApeCoin and SandBox are in the top three places with market values ​​of billions of dollars, while virtual universes create large economies. Reminding that MetaAge, which is built on the Solana blockchain, will be offered with its own currency, $AGE, Mustafa Ekinci said, “Users can purchase parcels that we call LAND using this currency, and they can build a store, art gallery or any structure with the MetaAge Building System. MetaAge also includes a game production system. In this way, MetaAge users can create their own metaverse games. On the other hand, users can experience the basic games and socializing mini-games offered by MetaAge with the play-win method, alone or with other users.

April 23 was also celebrated on the metaverse!

MetaAge Co-Founder and Project Manager Mustafa Ekinci, who emphasized that Turkey showed its vision of being the pioneer of these new concepts with the Forum Metaverse event organized at the end of March, ended his evaluations with the following words: “We are very excited about Web 3.0 technology. We can define this new internet concept, which feeds off the augmented reality technology and removes the borders, as the reinvention of not only social media but also the internet. Metaverse, one of the prominent concepts of Web 3.0, is followed closely by the business world. Trem Global, one of our business partners, an investment consultancy company, held its first metaverse meeting at MetaAge. Our Alpha version, which we opened to all internet users on April 23, also hosted a ceremony where our National Sovereignty and Children’s Day was celebrated and our National Anthem echoed in the metaverse. Thus, we celebrated April 23 at MetaAge, where there are 27 avatars in the test version for now and various P2E-F2P games can be played. We will provide lifetime free entry to the first users of this universe, where we will offer unlimited possibilities.”

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