Diesel Discount Waiting – 29 June

Turkey’s agenda, which is one of the never-ending issues. fuel prices There has been a new development. According to the claims of industry sources, diesel prices, There will be a discount as of tomorrow night . With this discount, diesel prices exceeding 30 TL will have decreased to 28 liras again. For the gasoline group, there is nothing even within the scope of the claim.

According to the information obtained from industry sources, diesel oil 1.50 TL discount the future. This discount will be valid as of the night connecting Tuesday to Wednesday. The reason for the discount is the fall in both oil prices and the dollar rate. If you have a vehicle with a diesel engine, a few more daysYou can choose not to refuel.

How will prices in big cities change?


If the claims of the industry sources come true and the prices are reduced, Turkey’s in the biggest citiesits citizens will meet a price table as follows:

  • Istanbul:28.44 TL
  • Ankara:28.55 TL
  • Izmir:28.57 TL

Prices can be adjusted for a few cents depending on your location. According to ShellLet’s say we did.

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