Diesel Discount Waiting – 30 June

In a news we shared with you in the morning hours, 2.5 TL discount was given to diesel. we talked about . Now, there has been another development on the subject. Diesel by industry sources as of midnight tonight Another discount will come. This time the discount is per liter. 84 cents will be recorded as If the discount expectation is realized, a discount of 3.34 TL will be made for diesel in two days. Let’s say millet to the head of gasoline…

Fuel prices have skyrocketed with the rise in dollar exchange rates and brent oil prices. Even diesel, recently 30 TL levels even over it. But now that seems to be starting to change.

If today’s expectation comes true, how will prices change?


If the expectations of the sector sources come true and the discount comes to the diesel tonight; pump prices it will change like this:

  • Istanbul:26.60 TL
  • Ankara:26.71 TL
  • Izmir:26.73 TL

Although our purchasing power in the fuel sector has decreased, these discounts, at least it’s breathing . Because with the discount expected to be valid as of tonight; The cost of a 50 liter tank in 2 days, 167 TL will be reduced

You can watch our video just below, where we tried all the savings methods and spent half the fuel on the same road.

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