Digital Balance App Slows Pixel Phones

Google’s Digital Balance application is a useful application that aims to bring a balance to your technological and normal life by tracking the applications on your phone. While the app is actually useful, many Pixel users have noted that the app has unwanted side effects. There is a thread on Reddit that many users share. Users stated that the performance of their devices increased noticeably when they closed the app.

Reducing the performance of the phone should not be among the features of the Digital Balance application. The application works in the background and keeps track of how much time you spend in which applications.


Thanks to this data, you can see on which applications you spend more time than necessary. Moreover, you can set a timer for overused applications through the application, or you can make the application look worse by changing the color settings on your screen automatically. As a result of this, you stop using the application.

The fact that the Digital Balance application slows down Pixel phones has seriously created question marks for users. If the slowdown problem stated by these users is proven, many users can remove this application, which is extremely useful under normal conditions, from their phones.

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