Digital business card market will reach $242.3 million in 2027

Those who make a difference in the digital business card market are preparing for the metaverse with new investments and initiatives. Voila Card, one of the innovative initiatives of the new era, announced that it has received investment from the international finance company Level Up Invest. Voila Card Co-Founder Burak Karabacak said, “Level Up Invest joined our ecosystem by owning 20% ​​of our shares with an investment of 8 million TL. Together we will accelerate our journey to the metaverse.”

The metaverse, which is still in its infancy, has already taken its place in the R&D and innovation activities of many sectors. Digital business cards, which are increasingly attractive with the concept of social distance in the pandemic, are preparing to represent the identity of business people in the metaverse. The growing global digital business card market is expected to reach $242.3 million by 2017, with an average annual compound growth rate of 11.2 percent, according to research by Market Research Future (MRFR). Voila Card Co-Founder Burak Karabacak stated that new approaches centered on creativity and innovation accelerate the development of the digital business card market and said, “The growth potential of the market brings new collaborations and investments. We have turned digital business cards into an efficient digital marketing instrument with our new generation business card technology, which transforms personal information into meaningful data and insights by following the trace it leaves behind. We aim to become a verification system among business people in other universes such as the Metaverse. With the cooperation of Level Up Invest, we will support our entrepreneurial side financially and create a digital business card ecosystem in universes like the metaverse, driven by innovation.”

Metaverse will shape the future of the market

Stating that virtual universes such as the metaverse created by virtual reality technology will shape the future of new generation digital business card technologies, Burak Karabacak made the following evaluation about the cooperation: “When some of the business relations are moved to the metaverse, we aspire to meeting moments in this universe. By reaching 20 million users in 2024, we aim to become the most powerful networking kit in the industry with our recommendation algorithm that proves the authenticity of people and enables them to establish productive relationships. We see the partnership of the international finance company Level Up Invest as a turning point on the way to this goal. Achieving the vision of transforming into a verification system among business people in different universes such as Metaverse brings with it a difficult process. In line with this vision, we think we have shaken hands with the right investor.”

It measures the performance of the employees with the reporting system

Voila Card Co-Founder Burak Karabacak, who stated that they offer much more than transferring personal information to digital with the new generation smart business card technology, said, “Thanks to our reporting system based on realistic insights, we categorize people. All of our contacts are added to the retargeting list at the same time. Thus, we bring advertisers together with a pinpoint target audience, such as purchasing managers. Many companies can measure the performance of their sales representatives via Voile Card. Because existing systems can only analyze virtual steps. With our reporting system, we follow the real-life steps of the employees and reveal their performance in the field. Thus, we make the performance evaluation processes of companies more efficient.”

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