“Digital people” made a presentation at Marmara Informatics Summit

Marmara Informatics Summit, which deals with the effects of developments in the field of informatics on life, was held for the third time this year. “Smart Urbanization; At the summit, which was held with the main theme of “Environment and Life”, many topics from technological trends in urbanization to the metaverse were discussed. At the summit, digital people developed with artificial intelligence called “Mekatunga” made presentations.

Marmara Informatics Summit is organized under the leadership of Aytunga, one of the initiatives of Information Commercialization Center (BTM) and Nişantaşı NishNova Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center. Held for the third time this year, the summit was held online and live on Saturday, November 27, under the curatorship of Aytunga Founder Kani Fatih Turhan. At the summit, which was organized under the main sponsorship of PAYTR, 15 important names who shape the future in urbanization made presentations. During the seven-hour free summit, “Smart Urbanization; The main theme of “Environment and Life” was discussed. The summit was broadcast live on giant screens on the Information Commercialization Center stage, specially for BTM initiatives.

Artificial intelligence robots made a presentation

In the event moderated by digital communication consultant Dilara Eldaş Baş; opening speech by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca made it. Karaca made a presentation on “Urbanization and Climate Change”. In the first session, then Ayonix’s Founder and CEO Dr. Sadi Vural made a presentation on “The Changing Smart World with Face Recognition and Its Systems”. At the summit, where PAYTR General Manager Tarık Tombul discussed the “Contribution of Fintechs to the World of Informatics”, AtlasOffice CEO Pınar Öncü shared important information on “Metaverse and Digital Urbanization”.

A first also took place at the Marmara Informatics Summit. The digital human avatar code named “Mekatunga 42. Wish” created with artificial intelligence made a presentation at the summit. The summit participants had the opportunity to get to know the Mekatungas, of which Aytunga was the manager, with the presentation of the avatar. Mekatungas also shared information on various topics between sessions.

IT topics covered in depth

The speakers and the topics they discussed in the other sessions of the summit are as follows; Dr. Alper Öner “MLOps: Continuous Production and Automation Levels in Machine Learning”; Ceren Güzelgün, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Insider, “The Importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in E-Commerce”; QR Global Founder, angel investor Abdul Khaleq Al – Qasaily, “Smart Urbanization Through the Eyes of Angel Investors”; EMYD – Perfotech Founder Fehmi Darbay “Contemporary Trade Concept and Advantages of Technology”; Güray Yıldırım “Making Business with Confusion – Chaos Engineering”; Software developer and informatics trainer M. Mustafa Bolat “Effective Measurement and Competent Method”; Charge Soft Co-Founder Ziya Çağrı New “End-to-End Electric Vehicle Charging Station Management”; Nişantaşı University, Head of Genetics and Bioengineering Department Assoc. Dr. Zeynep Birsu Çinçin “Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Health”; Information Commercialization Center Business Development and Investor Relations Manager Hakan Arca “What kind of a business plan should the initiatives to be realized on the axis of smart urbanism should implement?”

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