Digital transformation know-how transfer from Turkey to EMEA region

The pandemic has increased the exports of the software industry, which is at the center of digital transformation. Univera & Univis Channel Manager Sedat Azizoğlu said, “The increase in exports in the sector has reached 70% with the region covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We will continue to transfer know-how from Turkey to the region by establishing new partnerships.”

The digital transformation, which accelerated with the triggering power of the pandemic, increased the need for software technologies all over the world and accelerated the export journey of the software. According to the data of TUBISAD (Information Industrialists’ Association), the Turkish software industry achieved an export of approximately 9 million TL, taking the largest share with 82% from the IT exports exceeding 10 million TL in 2020. Europe ranked first in the sector’s exports with 67%, followed by the Middle East and Africa with 17%.

Noting that the Turkish software industry has increased its position in the global digital ecosystem with its export activities, Univera & Univis Channel Manager Sedat Azizoğlu said, “Especially the EMEA region has great potential. According to research, software companies define the EMEA region as a geography with potential growth opportunities for the next 5 years. We are expanding our activities in EMEA together with Univera, which is a pioneer in digital transformation, and our sister company Univis, which offers innovative IT solutions.”

Software industry will grow with new partnerships in EMEA

Stating that they will focus on growing with new business partners in the Turkic Republics and EMEA as well as in Turkey, with the focus of the Business Partner Program they have developed, Sedat Azizoğlu said, “Combining Univera’s 30 years of experience in corporate technologies with Univis’ innovative IT face, we will bring our sales, service and logistics business solutions to the region. We will continue to earn. As part of the Partner Program, we will partner with companies that sell and install our solutions in the region. We will establish a solution partnership with those who develop according to the needs of the customers. We will transfer know-how from Turkey to the region with new partnerships.”

It will guide the digital transformation of SMEs

Stating that our sister company Univis and Univera will guide the digital transformation of SMEs, especially in the Middle East, with the motivation of their deep-rooted experience, Sedat Azizoğlu said, “In this context, our warehouse software solution StockMate, our mobile sales distribution software WebPlus, field data collection and mobile team management QuestMate. We will help SMEs reach their strategic goals with our solutions such as ServiceMate, our digital service management solution, Uni-Dox, where we provide digital management of legal documents such as e-invoice, e-waybill, e-archive and e-ledger. The partnerships we will establish in the region will save us time and power in reaching SMEs and increasing our brand awareness.”

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