Digital transformation, which makes institutions agile, also contributes to sustainability

Institutions that want to invest in the future and use their resources effectively and efficiently in the digital transformation process meet at the “Agile Structures and Sustainability” panel. Smart ERP solutions and sustainability projects for corporations will be discussed at the event, which will be held on October 20, in cooperation with SAP Turkey, MEXT and Felece.

The fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has created conditions of uncertainty and crisis globally has strongly emphasized the importance of sustainability not only from a social point of view, but also from an economic and environmental point of view. The emergent health emergency has created a crisis both on the supply side, such as the clogging of supply chains, the closure of factories, the decline in employment, and on the demand side, with the collapse of household consumption and commercial investment. This situation, which has led organizations to reshape their business goals and push their digital transformation plans to gain agility and resilience, brought up the need to redefine the definition of sustainability. Intertwined concepts of sustainability, agility and digitalization, and organizational resilience will be discussed at the “Agile Structures and Sustainability” panel, which will be held on October 20, in cooperation with SAP Turkey, MEXT (Technology Center of the Turkish Metal Industrialists’ Union) and Felece.

Agile business models reduce energy use

Making a statement about the event, Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya said, “Within the radical change experienced, the priorities and business goals of the sectors are being reshaped. Opportunities are changing rapidly in transforming markets. In a world where every element is rapidly transforming and the definition of transformation can change at any time, companies need agile structures that will adapt to their business processes. Implementing agile models with a sustainability approach by reducing energy use is more critical than in previous periods in a changing world. Especially in regulated sectors, compatibility and sustainability can only be possible with the right technology transformations.”

Sustainable and agile transformation models will be discussed

The event will be moderated by Harvard Business Review Turkey Editor-in-Chief Serdar Turan, Kosifler Group CEO Temel Aras, Izocam CFO Doruk Özcan, Çelik Motor Information Technologies Manager Tolga Demirbilek, Yıldızlar Investment Holdings Digital Transformation Manager Oğuz Duru and Information Technologies Director Yalçın Öztürk, SAP Turkey Cloud and Business Solutions Deputy General Manager Bülent Karal and Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya will attend. To participate in the free online event, it is necessary to register on

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