Digitization has increased the importance of data

Komtaş, one of Turkey’s leading data and analytics ecosystems, announced that it has joined forces with Starburst, a US-based global analytics technology company in data management. Komtaş, which is included in Starburst Orbit, the joint program of technology and solution providers supporting Starburst, expanded its solution range with this cooperation.

The digital transformation, which accelerated with the pandemic, brought the management of data with accurate analysis to the focus of companies. The data, which overshadows the land and machinery, which were shown as the most valuable assets until yesterday, with the developing technology, add permanent values ​​to the future of the companies when managed with the right analysis methods. Data, which enables better management of risks and making the right decisions, cannot go beyond being a cost factor for companies when not managed correctly. Komtaş, one of Turkey’s leading data and analytics ecosystems, has added a new one to its international collaborations to find a solution to this problem. Komtaş, a technology and consultancy company that has been providing solutions in the field of data and analytics for 32 years, announced that it has brought the latest technologies to analytical data management solutions by joining forces with Starburst, a US-based global analytical technology company.

Shaping the future of the market

Making a statement on the subject, Komtaş General Manager and Chairman of the Board Yüksel Çomak said, “As a company that provides digital transformation and consultancy services to companies by combining our deep-rooted experience with our innovative face, we are strengthening our position with new collaborations. In this context, we will expand the data management solutions we offer to companies by shaking hands with Starbust. We will add Starburst’s advanced technologies that support companies to make accurate and fast decisions on all data, among our solutions. By joining Starburst Orbit, the partner program of technology and solution providers that support Starburst, we will bring a cutting-edge approach to our end-to-end data and analytics solutions. We will shape the future of the ever-growing market in Turkey by expanding our range of solutions that we bring together with many sectors such as banking, insurance, retail and telecommunication.”

It will give companies the ability to make decisions based on data.

Stating that the increasing amount of data with digitalization complicates the analytical management, and this process jeopardizes the future strategies of the companies, Yüksel Çomak said, “As a company that provides end-to-end services on the axis of data and analytics, we will provide Turkish companies with the ability to make faster, data-based decisions with Starbust cooperation. We will also offer Starburst’s data network analytics engine services to our customer portfolio. The first example of our cooperation is used by ING Turkey, one of the leading banks in Turkey.”

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