Do You Think This ‘Coin’ Question Is Too Simple or Too Difficult?

This is to refresh your mind. ‘looking hard’You will have some difficulty while trying to solve the question, but if you can show some patience, you will be able to reach the result.

Focus on the data at hand, think about combinations and try to reach the result by doing a few simple additions. If you’re ready, let’s get started:

Our question is as follows:


  • boarding a minibus two studentsthere are friends.
  • 1 student fee 1.5 TL(although no longer possible).
  • In these students only coinsexists.

They must choose among these coins so that the driver can give them change. How much TL should they give to the driver by providing this condition?

Some simple reminders:

  • It’s like giving three 1 TL and one 50 cents and getting 50 cents back. Irrational answers are of course not accepted.Because they can already give 3 TL directly.
  • in your hands coin onlyNote that there are two student fees and they must pay two student fees.

We suggest you do some research before answering. It’s not as hard as it looks!

Now let’s get to the answer:


  • 2×1 TL
  • 1×50 cents
  • 1×25 cents
  • 3×10 cents

If students give these coins, the total 3.05 TLthey can give them, so the driver can give them 5 cents changeit gives.

Is there only one solution to this problem, Or are there alternative answers?Let’s leave that to you to think about.


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