Domain names with country extension pave the way for e-export

While the coronavirus epidemic started a rapid upward trend in e-exports, 1 out of every 10 consumers in the world purchased products from abroad through online shopping during this period. Atak Domain General Manager Bahaddin Yazıcı pointed out that the number of companies engaged in e-exports is increasing rapidly in order to grab a share of the global e-commerce pie, and said, “A good domain selection plays a key role in accelerating the return on e-export investment.”

E-export, which has increased in importance during the pandemic process, has started to play a critical role, especially in SMEs’ opening to the global market. While the global e-export volume increased to 4.3 trillion dollars in 2020, e-exports of 1 billion 421 million dollars were realized in Turkey only in the last 6 months of 2020. Underlining that e-export is one of the most practical ways to overcome the contraction in the domestic market during unexpected crisis periods such as the pandemic, Atak Domain General Manager Bahaddin Yazıcı said that the e-commerce volume in our country increased by approximately 65% ​​in 2020 to 226 billion TL, at the end of 2021. He said that it is estimated that it will increase to 400 billion TL. Emphasizing that it is important to choose a good domain (domain name) to be successful in e-export, Yazıcı continued his words as follows: “As Atak Domain, we offer registration for over 1,600 domain extensions and from a single point to America, China, Germany, Chile, We are opening the doors of global trade to our customers by effortlessly recording more than 200 country extensions such as Peru, Morocco, Malawi, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Vietnam.

Products bought in TL are sold in foreign currency

In particular, businesses earn serious foreign currency income by selling the products they buy in TL from the domestic market abroad via e-export. In this period, SMEs who want to manage a successful e-export operation prefer domain names with country extensions. Purchasing the country extension of the targeted market; It provides benefits such as increase in customer trust, site traffic and e-commerce conversion rates.

E-export will bring a new breath to the Turkish economy

Noting that it is now much easier to enter global markets with the development of e-commerce today, Bahaddin Yazıcı said, “As Atak Domain, we are among the few domain companies in the world in country code domain registration. We offer the best prices for almost all domain extensions globally. While traditional exports continue, we have to pave the way for new potentials by using country-coded domains. We think that e-export will bring a new breath to the Turkish economy and make it one of the best players in the global export market.” he said.

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