Domestic business software will open to global markets

Domestic business management software is preparing to open to global markets in 2022. While research on the subject indicates that the global business management software market will reach 160 billion dollars by 2025, the Sales and Marketing Director of the business software startup, Eren Çulcuoğlu, explains the conditions of being an actor in the global market.

With the development of technology day by day, the software we use in our daily lives is of vital importance for the business world. Companies that need to work more systematically and efficiently to keep up with the digital age demand business management software for their different needs. While the research data carried out by ReportLinker indicates that the global business management software market will grow by an average of 9% every year until 2025, reaching 160 billion dollars, many successful domestic products from Turkey set their sights on global markets. Sales and Marketing Director of, the sales and business management software, Eren Çulcuoğlu, on the subject: “There are many talented and successful software developers in our country that enable us to easily challenge Silicon Valley. They are signing projects that make an impact in the local market. I believe that the products developed by domestic software developers have a high potential to compete in the international market. As TORK, we also offer a business management software that enables SMEs to easily manage their daily business with sales, stock, finance and business tracking features. In the coming period, we will take a piece of the cake in global markets with our multiple cloud-based solutions that will represent our country.”

Domestic software overtakes global applications

Eren Çulcuoğlu, stating that domestic software differentiates itself from foreign ones and provides advantages at many points, said, “With the applications that have become mandatory in the world with the digital transformation, companies are looking for business management software in order to carry out processes such as sales, income / expense, invoice, warehouse management in their growing business volumes. Most companies that prefer foreign software in our country face major problems in the translation of modules in the domestic and foreign markets and may have to switch to a new software just for this reason. At this point, our domestic software both produces special solutions for companies and stands out with its price advantage, and offers content in the local language instead of translation. In our country, we see that the motivation of companies to receive instant support is very high. We will turn our difference into a global advantage by incorporating the infrastructure we have developed to meet this demand in our activities abroad,” he said.

The first 3 conditions to dominate the global market!

Pointing out that there are a few important steps that domestic software must take in order to become an actor in the global market,’s Sales and Marketing Director Eren Çulcuoğlu said, “The first condition to be one of the leading software of the global market is to determine the target audience correctly. The product offered to the market, on the other hand, must have the right working principle in a well-constructed infrastructure with functional features. Because companies entrust their data to business software. A detailed report is awaited in order to be able to work data-oriented. This is exactly why business management software does not accept errors. Because reporting is such a critical issue, market conditions led us to develop a report application that is compatible with our cloud solutions. In this way, TORK has crossed the gap between cloud-based solutions in terms of price/performance.” said.

“Our 2022 goal is to open up to the global market”

of TORK; Eren Çulcuoğlu, who stated that it is a customer-oriented business management software that enables SMEs to do their sales, finance and business follow-up easily, continued his words as follows: It can produce different types of reports. We are aware that every sales and order process has its own dynamics. For this reason, we offer a unique experience with task management, as well as easy viewing of offers, orders and ongoing stages to customers. By shaping our 2022 target together with our expert staff, we are developing our current solutions step by step to compete in the global market.”

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