Domestic CRM application will be used free of charge within the scope of the pilot program.

While steps towards digitalization are accelerating in Turkey, BilgeAdam Teknoloji announced that it will offer the new generation customer relationship management system it has developed free of charge to 10 companies for 1 year within the scope of the pilot program that will start on 1 July.

As in many business areas, customer relationship management is rapidly going digital. The wind of transformation strengthened in the pandemic continues to increase the share of customer relationship management (CRM) applications in the software market. According to research by Buyer Zone, 91% of companies with more than 11 employees use CRM software. This picture, which has a similar course in Turkey, increases the number of innovative applications day by day in the market where many products in different scopes and prices compete. Finally, BilgeAdam Teknoloji, one of Turkey’s leading technology companies, announced that it has added the new generation customer relationship management system FowCRM to its FowApps product family. According to the information obtained from the company, with the pilot program launched for the software, which stands out with its ease of use, flexibility and productivity, a limited number of companies will be offered opportunities such as one-year free use.

Increases sales by 29%, productivity by 34%, and forecast accuracy by 42%

Saying that they aim to develop a new generation customer relationship management system that can compete with market-leading global players, BilgeAdam Technology Software Products Director Seçkin Beduk said, “FowCRM, which provides service over the cloud, stands out as a user-friendly CRM application with its subscription model. In addition to its customizable structure, ability to integrate with different business applications and increased productivity, it also includes many features such as multi-sales line management, invoice tracking, automation, reporting and KVKK compliance, which are critical for companies. In this way, it increases sales by 29%, productivity by 34% and forecast accuracy by 42%.”

Limited to 10 companies, pilot program will start on 1 July

Explaining the details of the pilot program they started, Seçkin Beduk said, “We would like to introduce FowCRM to companies and let them experience its power in terms of sales and productivity, and forecasting accuracy. With the pilot program we started in this context, we will make the FowCRM Professional Package available for free for one year. We will accept applications by June 27th and launch the program on July 1st after the evaluation process. We will offer companies participating in the pilot program free use in the first year and 30% discount in the second year.”

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