Domestic cyber security company provided free cyber security training to more than 2,000 users

Determining that 80% of internet users in Turkey are not conscious of cyber attacks, local cyber security company Berqnet launched the “Cyber ​​Security for Everyone” project. The company, which provides free cyber security training to more than 2,000 participants, aims to reach 100 thousand people in the medium term with the project that aims to raise awareness.

With the effect of the pandemic, cyber threats are increasing day by day in the rapidly digitalizing world. Cyber ​​attackers cause great material and moral damages by not only large institutions but also everyone who does not take cyber security measures. While raising awareness of cyber security is of vital importance, it is seen that efforts in this area have been accelerated all over the world. In Turkey, domestic cyber security products manufacturer Berqnet has made an important breakthrough with its social responsibility project called “Cyber ​​Security for Everyone”. The company, which determined that 80% of internet users are unconscious against cyber attacks in the “Turkey Cyber ​​Security Awareness Contest” organized last year, started a free training program based on this. With the cyber security training program, which reached more than 2 thousand participants in the first 3 days, it is aimed to reach 100 thousand people in the medium term and to increase the cyber literacy and digital awareness of our country. Applications for the trainings can be made on the website of the Cyber ​​Security for All project.

More than 500 people who achieved a 70% success rate in the exam received certificates.

Saying that they set out to equip everyone with basic information with the free education project, Berqnet General Manager Hakan Hintoğlu said, “In the research we conducted last year, we found that 80% of the users were unconscious against phishing attacks, and 65% did not have enough knowledge to create a strong password. In line with these results, when we thought about our contribution to society, we decided to share our expertise with a wider audience. The ‘Cyber ​​Security for All’ project, which appeals to a wide scale from housewives to university students, from bosses to IT professionals, consists of video trainings that everyone from 7 to 70 can benefit from. Regardless of age, job or level of knowledge, everyone can gain significant gains by participating in this training. At the end of the training, which consists of 6 sections and 16 topics, there is also an exam where information can be registered. Anyone who achieves a 70% success rate in the exam can get a cyber security training certificate and add it to their resume. The number of those who are entitled to receive certificates has already exceeded 500. Even though it has been only a few days since we published the project, the intense interest and participation showed us that we have signed the right project.”

“99% of cyber vulnerabilities are caused by human error”

Stating that many trainings in the field of cyber security do not appeal to the general public due to the intensity of technical knowledge, and therefore the attacks against individuals and institutions with low awareness are increasing day by day, Hakan Hintoğlu said, “The vast majority of internet users do not have enough information about cyber dangers and say, ‘Nothing to me. We see that he behaves very self-confidently with his ‘no way’ approach. However, 99% of cyber vulnerabilities are caused by human error. The way to break this self-confidence is through education. It is of great importance to develop simple but conscious behaviors such as being informed about phishing attacks, checking whether the URL is safe at addresses where critical transactions such as banking are carried out, creating strong passwords rich in characters, numbers and letters, and using firewall cybersecurity products. As Berqnet, we have been working with our product family since 2015 to meet the cyber security, legal compliance and internet management needs of both individuals and businesses. We aim to minimize victimization by creating a more conscious society with our social responsibility projects,” he concluded.

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