Domestic digital assistant Selim achieved 97 percent success in word recognition

Standing out with its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk developed the digital assistant Selim in collaboration with Sestek, a local audio and artificial intelligence technology company. Achieving 97% success in word recognition, digital assistant Selim answered 5.6 million questions from customers in one year.

The digital transformation, which accelerated in 2020 with the effect of the epidemic, also enabled the spread of artificial intelligence-supported technologies. Smart virtual assistants, which take their place in our lives as a product of these technologies, are used in many sectors, especially in banking. Another successful project developed in this area came from Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank, Turkey’s leading participation finance institution, and Sestek, a local voice and artificial intelligence technology company. Developed with the cooperation of the two institutions, the native Digital Assistant Selim answered 5.6 million questions in more than 2 million interviews in the last 12 months. While responding to the needs of many transactions such as account transactions, card application, money transfer, foreign exchange transactions and obtaining a password, it achieved 97 percent success in word recognition.

It will also respond to voice requests when integrated with audio technologies

Sestek Founder Prof. Dr. Levent Arslan, in his statement on the project, said, “We once again understood the importance of digitalization during the pandemic period. Digital Assistant Selim, which we developed with Kuveyt Türk, is a success that will set an example for artificial intelligence projects implemented in the field of banking. It aims to increase customer satisfaction by providing users with a fast and practical service. In addition to this, it also makes significant contributions to operational efficiency with the self-service automation it offers.”

Levent Arslan stated that, with their expertise in dialogue-based technologies, they developed Digital Assistant Selim as a digital assistant who can understand what customers mean by their expressions, answer questions, make financial calculations, and direct customers to the relevant menus of digital channels, adding, “This way, Kuveyt Türk customers can make transactions by writing to Selim through various channels such as mobile branch and WhatsApp. In the coming period, Selim will be able to respond to voice requests when integrated with audio technologies.”

Digital assistants’ role in banking transformation grows

Providing information about the starting point of the project, Kuveyt Türk Digital Banking Group Manager Dr. Okan Acar said, “We are witnessing that the role of digital assistants in the digital transformation of banking is increasing day by day. As Kuveyt Türk, we aimed to position a digital assistant that will improve the customer experience and accelerate digital transformation in all our digital channels. Due to their expertise in audio technologies and their experience in the finance sector, we decided to implement our digital assistant together with Sestek. Thanks to the high recognition success of Digital Assistant Selim, we were able to quickly respond to our customers’ needs by understanding them correctly. Thus, we were able to reduce information requests from digital channels by 29%. With Sestek, we are developing projects for audio technology products as well as chatbots.”

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