Domestic IT company became the solution partner of the software giant in Turkey

According to a study by Gartner, 88% of companies around the world have made it necessary to work remotely or have implemented practices that encourage their employees to work remotely during the pandemic process. This has increased the need for digital tools for remote teams to communicate and collaborate in a healthy way. While the search continues in Turkey, a pleasing development came from the local IT company Omtera. The company became the first solution partner of the world’s leading team management software Asana in Turkey.

Local IT company Omtera has become the first solution partner of software giant Asana, which offers online team management solutions, in Turkey. As part of its partnership with Asana, which has expanded its global partner network, the company will help structures of all sizes develop and advance their digital transformation processes. With the expertise of Omtera, features such as process management, target management, team management, joint project calendar management, project management, delivery process management offered by the Asana business management platform, which enables teams to work 45% more efficiently by enabling companies to monitor all their communications from a single point, will be managed in the best possible way.

It aims to increase the efficiency of companies in Turkey above world standards.

Making a statement on the subject, Omtera Bilişim founding partner Murat Yılmaz said, “In these days when remote working is the biggest trend of our time, we are very happy to increase the efficiency and productivity of companies and their employees working remotely in Turkey and the region as Asana’s solution partner. As Omtera, together with Asana, we will facilitate team management by providing end-to-end support to the management of all business and project processes that our customers in Turkey and the countries in the region will manage remotely or hybridly. We accompany companies on their digital transformation journeys in many areas, especially employee productivity and customer experience, CRM, helpdesk and sales automation. As a local IT company, we announce our competencies to much wider geographies with the business partnerships we have established, and now we aim to carry our success, which we crowned with the Asana solution partnership, even further. Asana is a long-standing global leader in helping millions of teams from more than 93,000 organizations in 190 countries organize their businesses, from small projects to strategic initiatives. Our main goal, together with Asana, is to enable our customers in Turkey and the countries in the region to make the most of their companies and employees’ potential and increase their productivity above world standards in this period when remote working becomes permanent.”

Mary-Patton Eisen, Head of Global Business Partners at Asana, said: “We are pleased to expand Asana’s business partners to as wide a geographical area as possible, thereby expanding our global partner network so that our customers can get the most from our services wherever they are. With our trusted business partners, our customers can act faster wherever they are. We offer a single platform for them to work and coordinate their work seamlessly, and we are working to increase the value we add. In Turkey, our first travel companion was Omtera Bilişim.

We have full confidence that we will respond to the needs of the sectors in Turkey in terms of team management with our new solution partner who joined us.”

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