DOOM Eternal Coming With Ray Tracing Support

iD Softwarenew doom It is getting ready to enchant the fans of the game once again with its game. The company finally ray tracinggraphics technology Wolfenstein: Youngbloodas for DOOM Eternalannounced that he will bring it to the game.

iD Softwarefrom Marty Stratton, Eternalfor Ray Tracing It doesn’t give full details about what level they will keep their support at. well Subway: Exodusand like many games technology is just reflectionsand shadows We do not know exactly whether it will be used for It considers the original DOOM game and the new iDTech 7Considering the graphics technology changes of the engine, it is already possible to say that the game will be one of the best-looking games on PC.

November 22, 2019We look forward to seeing whether the game will be successful or not.

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