Dota Underlords In Testing Phase

Dota 2mode Dota Auto Chesswith its success valve ‘s attention, and it was announced last month that a separate game development work for this mode has begun. The name of the game, which continues to work with the approval of the original mod developers, is Dota Underlords declared as. Also, the game is earlier than expected. public testeven in the process.

interested in the game Dota 2 Battle Passowners immediately. Steamin the preview of the game that he can add to his library and start playing; 8 player online matches, offline bots of various difficulties for practiceand group functionsis offered.

After these tests, Valve wants to make the game open beta within a week. Game on Steam windows, macOSand Linuxusers and even Androidand iOS platforms are also planned. open beta ranked match matchwith cross playand on all platforms shared progressIt will have details such as

The company underlines that players want to give feedback with beta sessions and thus optimize the game. On the other hand, the interesting thing is that the original developers of the mod Epic Games Storea special for Auto Chess versionto have rolled up his sleeves for it.

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