EA Reveals How PlayStaion 5 Will Deliver Graphics

When it comes to animated films, we can say that there is no question mark in the minds at the point of graphics. Both the textures on the faces, the details in the hair, and the objects look extremely high quality and realistic. On the other hand, especially facial tissues and hair have a very artificial appearance in games.


Electronic Arts (EA) has released a promotional video for the new hair processing technology developed by Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and thought to be run with next-generation gaming hardware. The new hair processing technology, using EA’s Frostbite graphics engine, makes the hair not only look more realistic, but also dynamic.

Although Electronic Arts runs the technology shown in the video on an isolated engine, it is estimated that the technology can also be used in real-time in a dynamic game when necessary optimizations are provided. It will not be a surprise if PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two, whose details are not yet known, support the technology in question.

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