EKSAtelecom H5 Wireless Call Center Headset Review

As with almost every product, there are countless types of headphones. There are many different types of headphones, such as earbuds, on-ear, wired and wireless. Some headphones can be produced for use in business life as well as entertainment. Today you call centersWireless headphone model that you can use in business life, especially EKSAtelecom H5We’ll examine.

H5 is a single-sided headphone, lightweight construction, quality microphone, soft ear cushions and with charging stand draws attention. Let’s get to know EKSAtelecom H5, which can be used in offices.

What are the technical features of EKSAtelecom H5?


EKSAtelecom H5, a wireless office headset with ENC call noise canceling feature, comes with features that will please users in terms of technical features. Only 75 grams The headset has a 40mm driver diameter. The sensitivity value of the headset, which has a sensitivity of “-25dB±1dB” in speech, when listening to music It is stated as 125dB±3dB. Apart from its own USB connector, the headset, which has Bluetooth V5.0, can be connected to two devices at the same time, one of which is connected to a USB dongle and the other to Bluetooth. With an operating range of up to 10 meters, the H5 will be greatly appreciated by call centers.

How is the sound quality of EKSAtelecom H5?


EKSAtelecom H5 is an extremely successful headset in its field. T you can get sound from the additional side EKSAtelecom H5, which is a full call center headset, has enough volume to use in the office. Having a 40 mm driver, the H5 paves the way for comfortable meetings and conversations, and easily meets the needs of those who want to listen to music from time to time.

What does EKSAtelecom H5, produced for call centers, promise in phone calls?


We said that EKSAtelecom H5 is suitable for offices, especially call centers. Meeting and phone calls are the main focus of this headset. We can say that the H5, which has a very successful microphone on it, will seriously relieve people who make constant phone calls. located on The microphone can be rotated up to 270 degrees.This allows you to wear the headset either in the right or left ear.

What does EKSAtelecom H5 offer us in design and material quality?


EKSAtelecom, a headset weighing 75 grams Thanks to its small structure, the H5 does not tire you during long-term use. Keeping comfort at the forefront with its soft ear cushions, the H5 has used material quality that does not make it feel very premium, but offers a solid impression. In terms of design, we can say that it has a stylish design among call center headsets.

How is the battery performance of EKSAtelecom H5?


We have come to one of the most remarkable features of EKSAtelecom H5. Wireless headphones can cause problems, especially in call centers where calls are made all day. Because the battery time may be insufficient. EKSAtelecom H5 is overcoming this problem. The headset, which can play sound for up to 45 hours, also offers the opportunity to talk for up to 25 hours. Headphones that charge with a Type-C connection can only be It provides 2 hours of talk time with a 6-minute charge.

One of the most admired aspects of the EKSAtelecom H5 is the h It has a stand that will allow you to charge at any time. You can charge the headset with Type-C, or you can charge it by placing it on its stand, where you can connect a Type-C cable to the back. The H5, which can be charged in 1.5 hours, is one of the earphones that offers the most assertive battery performance among office headsets that are generally purchased for long-term use.

How are the accessibility features of EKSAtelecom H5?


When we look at the accessibility features of EKSAtelecom H5, a button system welcomes us. On the top of the earpiece, the volume up and down buttons are opposite each other. Below the volume down button is the on-off button. This key is also used to connect the headset to bluetooth. Under the volume up button Type-C input exists. Here you can charge your headset. At the bottom of the headset, there are pins so that it cannot be charged when you sit on the stand. In addition, there is a button on the microphone extension that will enable you to turn the microphone on and off.

Let’s come to the conclusion: Should I buy EKSAtelecom H5?


EKSAtelecom H5 A headset that you can use especially in call centers. When we consider it in line with its own goals, it is an extremely successful headphone from sound quality to comfort. Of course, there are things that headphones don’t do well. For example, the material quality could have been a little better. Apart from that, the charging stand of the headset provides great convenience and allows the headset to be charged whenever you are not using it. From these perspectives, the EKSAtelecom H5, which is sold in the price range of 60 dollars, can be a good alternative, but do not forget for what purpose you want to buy this headset. If you want to get to know EKSAtelecom H5 better, you can reach the official sales page by clicking here, and you can also reach the AliExpress page from here.

Today we have reviewed EKSAtelecom H5 for you. If you want more content like this, you can contact us in the comments section.

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