Elon Musk Could Put Dragon Wings on Starship

SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk shared a tweet that he is considering adding giant, stainless steel dragon wings to the new spaceship Starship. If Musk brings this idea to life, we can all agree that Starship will take on a whole new dimension. In order to find out the seriousness of the event, ‘How serious are you on a scale of 1 to 10?’ Answering 6.5 to a follower who asked, Musk also did not forget to joke that the spaceship would not be able to breathe fire, but would land in a ring of fire.

Musk also stated that adding dragon wings without steel plating to the spaceship can reduce Starhip’s return to orbit temperature by up to 1000 degrees, thus eliminating the need for the use of cooled metal on the surface of the spaceship. Although the seriousness of Musk’s tweets is questioned, we can see that he looks at the event from a very deep perspective. Maybe, at the end of everything, dragon wings can be added to Musk’s different and unique ideas and brought to life.

Just like Harry Potter fans, Game of Thrones fans love to see themselves as belonging to certain households and embrace it. Judging by the fact that he shared the dragon idea with his followers shortly after the release of Game of Thrones, it seems like Elon Musk also feels like he belongs to the Targaryen family.

SpaceX also named the capsule it specially designed to send astronauts into space, ‘Dragon’. Considering Musk’s fascination with Game of Thrones, the pieces seem to fall into place now. Although Crew Dragon has not yet traveled to the International Space Station with real humans, sometime in the future it will send its ‘dragon lovers’ into space as NASA astronauts.

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