Elon Musk Says His Twitter Account Is ‘Bullshit’

Tesla’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk, would not be an exaggeration to say that he has become a social media phenomenon on Twitter. The billionaire businessman apparently fills his spare time by posting a photo of a sheep on Twitter.

“From this point on, my Twitter account is bullshit”

On the weird night Elon Musk shared this sheep, he responded to a post shared on his MIT Technology Review account :

MIT Technology Review shared the world’s largest airplane and wrote, “Look at the size of that barge.”

Elon Musk responded to this post by sharing a photo of a sheep, saying “I’m a pontoon too”.

At the suggestion of one of Musk’s followers, Musk made this sheep the profile photo of his Twitter account.

The sheep photo came from a photo shared by The Museum of English Rural Life’s Twitter account. After Musk made this sheep’s profile picture, the museum’s account also made Musk’s profile picture. In addition, the Twitter name of the museum account was changed to ‘The Musk eum of Elon glish Rural Life’.

After this incident, Musk used this sheep to reply to many Tweets all night long.

“We changed our souls with the British Museum of Rural Life”

“Buying a non-self-driving car in 2019, It’s like buying a horse instead of a carriage in 1919.”

“Or a sheep”

Although some of Musk’s followers want this frenzy to stop, Tesla has sent these strange but harmless posts to the billionaire before. He prefers the sensational posts he shares.

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