Elon Musk: The Brain Will Soon Be Connected To The Computer

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX and many more companies, is considered one of the most successful and innovative businessmen of the 21st century. Although Musk is advancing technology with his innovative ideas, he can also become the focus of criticism with some of his futuristic ideas. One of the issues that Musk is highly criticized is the theories he put forward about artificial intelligence.

According to Elon Musk, when artificial intelligence is developed enough, it will look at people as pets, and therefore, the need for humans will disappear. Saying ‘I don’t like the idea of ​​being a house cat’, Elon Musk thinks that as a solution to this situation, an interface that will enable communication between humans and machines should be developed.

Musk develops brain-computer interfaces with the startup company Neuralink, which he founded in 2016. When this is possible, the human brain will be able to communicate directly with computers and artificial intelligence. We may see this very futuristic-sounding interface much sooner than we expected.

Responding to a Twitter user’s request for new information about Neuralink, “Very soon”, Elon Musk managed to excite those who believe in this futuristic idea. Frankly, it is not known exactly at what stage Neuralink is on the brain-computer interface, but it is considered to happen one day.

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