Embraer-190 Landed on Its Rear Wheels

Recently, incidents in air traffic have not been interrupted. A new news published in the Miami Herald was about the interesting misfortune of the Embraer-190 passenger plane of Myanmar National Airlines.

The Embraer-190 is a large 36-metre passenger aircraft. Embraer-190, which had to land at Mandalay International Airport in a very stressful way due to the fact that the front landing gear did not deploy during the landing, had to land on its two rear wheels.

Since the front landing gear did not open, the passenger plane, which sparked from the moment it touched the runway, landed without any damage to the 82 passengers and crew on board. Speaking about the incident, Kyaw San, spokesperson of Mandalay International Airport, stated that large planes belonging to Boeing and Airbus brands will not be able to use Mandalay International Airport for a while.

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