Epic Games Blocks Consecutive Playing Accounts

In the discounts of the game sales platforms, there are a lot of games that are bought to play later but never played when the discount rate is very good. When you shop like this from Valve’s store, you have a truck game in your game library that you’ve never played. Epic, on the other hand, keeps you from shopping.


Although it seems that game purchases are stopped because there is a system that aims to protect people here, this is not the truth. There is no basket application on the Epic Store page, so you cannot add the games to your basket and then buy them all at once. You have to buy the games one by one. Commercial enterprises, on the other hand, keep account movements recorded, and these software mark the accounts in case of too much account activity in a short time. The same is happening in the Epic store.

Nick Chester, of the Epic Games PR Team, confirms this, saying that it is part of its aggressive anti-fraud rules. Chester’s suggestion was that people who encounter such a situation should contact customer service.


Although the Epic Games Store challenges Valve’s Steam platform, there are things that the site basically needs to fix. Epic Games Store, which continues to work on editing the site and switching to the pages system, should also bring the shopping cart application. If Epic’s goal is to dethrone Steam, it has to offer people a service system that Steam doesn’t have; According to Steam, their chances are not very good with a system that is incomplete. Also, blocking people who spend money on games isn’t considered the best way to make money.

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