Error Found in Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update

Microsoft was known to be preparing a major update for Windows 10. The update, called ’20H1′, is being prepared for 2020. Within the Insider program, the update containing the 20H1 preview version was presented to users. Users were unable to open the new Windows 10 version due to the ‘0xca00a000’ and ‘0x80242016’ errors they encountered after updating their computers.


According to statements from Microsoft, the problem stems from the transition to a new structure. Microsoft officials stated that they stopped the update containing the 20H1 preview version until they fixed the problem they detected. Stating that a new cumulative update to the Windows 10 18362.53 build is needed to resolve the issue, officials stated that they will not focus on a different update for the 20H1 preview version until the issue is resolved.


The cumulative update that will fix the issue is expected to arrive in a few days. With the upcoming update, Windows 10 18362.53 version users will be able to successfully switch to the 20H1 version of Windows 10.

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