ESET Announces Collaboration with Alphabet Chronicle

Chronicle is a subsidiary of Alphabet, the parent company of Google. In Backstory, Chronicle’s global cloud service, companies can store their internal security telemetry so they can be analyzed for potential attacks and threats.

Antivirus software startup ESET announced that it has partnered with Chronicle to focus on Backstory. In this collaboration, ESET will offer advanced insights that better protect against persistent threats.

The goal is to stay one step ahead of the attackers.

“Our partnership with Chronicle will enable simpler, faster and easier disposal of advanced persistent cyber threats,” said Tony Anscombe, ESET Global Security Specialist. “With our help, customers will be able to understand events in greater detail, take appropriate actions, and stay one step ahead of attackers,” Anscombe said. It will truly make the world a safer place.”

Ansh Patnaik, Product Manager at Chronicle, said: “As Insight Partner, we are excited about our collaboration with ESET. A global platform for analyzing enterprise security telemetry, Backstory offers customers greater value when integrated with other key technologies in their networks. “We believe our collaboration with ESET gives our customers a broader and more accurate view of the threats on their networks.”

ESET has been providing protection to Google Chrome for two years

Launching a protection program for malicious extensions and unwanted setting changes that may come through the search engine, Google has been collaborating with the antivirus software company ESET since 2017 to protect its users from viruses. ESET provides the infrastructure for Chrome Cleanup software for Chrome users. Developed as a malware scanner and removal tool, Chrome Cleanup runs in the background on computers and offers invisible protection to users.

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