ESET Awarded in “False Positive” Test

ESET, the largest antivirus software organization headquartered within the borders of the European Union, was awarded gold and silver awards in the latest reports of AV-Comparatives, an independent testing organization.

Using one of the largest sample pools worldwide to obtain unbiased results, Austria-based AV-Comparatives focused on 18 different manufacturers that provide cybersecurity software in its 2018 Summary Report.

False detection tests

Among the various tests held throughout the year, ‘False Positive’ tests were also conducted, which identify the antivirus software to make false alerts or detections. While AV-Comparatives conducted a fairly extensive test, the individual ESET Internet Security software delivered a remarkable performance on false positives, with the lowest rate among all brands and products that participated in the test. ESET was crowned with a gold award for making the fewest false detections.

Evaluating the test results, AV-Comparatives said in its report, “False detections can cause as much trouble as a real infection, and avoiding them is very important in terms of providing high-quality information security.”

Jiří Kropáč, Head of ESET Threat Detection Labs, said: “ESET Internet Security has consistently demonstrated strong performance across individual security solutions. Test results demonstrate once again that ESET consistently achieves a low number of false detections.”

It also received an award in the performance test.

ESET also received a silver award for its performance test, which evaluates the impact of each product on system performance. Products that perform well in this area have little impact on system speed and performance while ensuring users’ safety.

Tests for enterprise products

Analyzing ESET’s solutions for enterprise, ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Remote Administrator, AV-Comparatives conducted a test series of 16 leading manufacturers as part of its Enterprise Security Test report. ESET has achieved an AV-Comparatives Score of 90 here, the highest score ever recorded for manufacturers.

Security enables organizations to grow

While pointing out that ESET makes a difference with its versatility, it was stated in the AV-Comparatives report that ESET offers a consistent solution for small businesses and also allows businesses to grow by working successfully in large companies.

You can find detailed information about the test results from the link here.

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