Europe’s Blood-Crying Mummy Eating Tradition

Mummies have been the subject of countless stories, true or false, throughout history. about them your spooky stories never ending. But perhaps one of the scariest ones is the work of living people with blood, not mummies who are dead bodies.

We are talking about a tradition of eating mummy, which became widespread in Europe in the 12th century. preserved for thousands of years from the ‘healing’ of dead bodiesEuropeans hoping for help were buying ‘mumia’ from pharmacies as medicine.

The mummies are ground up, a panacea…


Imagine a world without painkillers and antibiotics. To withstand disease, pain and epidemicsDoctors looking for a solution found it by grinding mummies into medicine and giving it to people.

For this, mummies from Egypt and skulls were stolen from ancient cemeteries. The idea that the human body and blood are good for diseases was so strong that ‘fresh’ blood also had special prescriptions. for example making jam from human bloodor like drinking directly.


“Doctors” who take advantage of every cell of the human body and offer this cannibalism as a medical solution ‘medicine’ from the fat of the human bodythey were producing and applying it to the wounds…

Grinding and eating the skull for headaches or ‘head’ related diseases in general, stop internal bleeding and prevent diseases such as epilepsy for grinding mummies, consuming blood for blood related diseases. All of this continued as legal and ‘real’ medical practice for hundreds of years.

Scammers sold fake mummies, cemeteries looted


Of course, this common habit of consuming mummy and dead bodies has also turned into a huge fraud case. alleged to have come from Egypt and belonged to the pharaohs fake mummies It was used to hunt the rich. Royal families needed the mummies of the pharaohs as they were claimed to be of ‘better quality’ and ‘more effective’…

For this reason, cemeteries were looted, The fake mummy trade is on the rise.Moreover, since bringing mummies from Egypt was no longer sufficient on its own, these were also tolerated after a while.

In the 19th century, the tradition of eating mummies turned into mummy-opening entertainment like box-opening.


Finally, at some point, some real sane doctors thought that eating a mummy or any part of a dead body, drinking blood is useless managed to understand and explain. But Europe’s relationship with mummies did not end directly, it even became more troubling; mummy opening parties…

After Napoleon’s expeditions to Egypt, Europeans’ interest in Egypt increased. Travelers brought mummies on their way back from Egypt, which were kept at private parties by wealthy Europeans. ‘I wonder what will come out of it?’ as the subject of a meal with excitement opened to play. These parties, which were initially held in the mind of a ‘medical cadaver examination’, started to be held for entertainment purposes after a while…

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