Everything that teachers will need in digital transformation is on a single platform!

In the education and training process, directing students to the right resources and supporting them with additional study materials are among the main responsibilities of teachers. On the other hand, it is not always possible to reach the right source and book, especially when you are in a busy work schedule. At this very point, Tudem Publication Group has designed a decision guide for teachers’ needs: tudemogretmen.com

Tudem is with teachers in digital transformation!

Pioneering the modern approach in education since 1984, Tudem aims to fill an important gap with the new decision guide it has developed to facilitate the working life of teachers. Tudem Publishing Group Education Coordinator Pınar Camal said, “The idea of ​​creating a platform to guide teachers in the decision-making process has been on our agenda for a long time. Teachers’ work schedule is very busy. Naturally, teachers may not be able to allocate the necessary time to examine all publications in detail. tudemogretmen.com is designed to guide them at this very point. Thanks to this platform, we will bring together all the helpful support materials that teachers will need on a single site, and we will address the questions in the minds of teachers and guide them.” he said.

Everything about cultural and educational publications in one site

tudemogretmen.com offers a full and completely free service for Tudem’s helpful educational resources and reading books. While teachers can access one-third of all Tudem’s books currently on sale, they can move quickly through the site with its user-friendly web design.

What benefits does the platform offer teachers?

tudemogretmen.com offers teachers the privilege of experiencing Tudem quality in person, access to rich and interactive content, additional video-supported materials and a practical user interface. In addition, teachers, through this platform, in their educational publications; While you can access online smart boards, sample video solutions, plans, book promotion videos and catalogs, in cultural publications; It can access book tasting files, book worksheets, book guide pages, book event documents, book promotion videos and current catalogs.

Easy to use and free

Teachers can start using tudemogretmen.com for free registration on both class and branch basis. According to the class and branch selections determined during registration, they can provide unlimited and free content access in the relevant fields.

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