Exciting Details from the ‘Göktürk’ Trilogy

Films such as The Lord of the Rings and the Marvel Cinematic Universe consist of stories that originally contained traces of ancient mythological texts. Mythological elements are used even at the points where it is very difficult to notice in the cinema. As a matter of fact, the number of works in which both historical events and mythology are used at the same time is very few.

Our history, which migrated from Central Asia to Anatolia and created serious breaks in the historical scene, is perhaps among the sources that cinema is least fed. Alper Çağlar, who has produced successful works such as Dağ movies and Börü series in the past years, is working on Göktürk movies, which we will witness closely to our historical roots.

The following video was released for the Göktürk trilogy last year, but not much detail was given about the films:

The second video, released on May 19, contains important information about the first film of the series, ‘Ilk Gokturk’:

All of the images in the video are concept studies produced for the movie. At the same time, the historical events told generally point to how the first movie and the series will begin. We see that Turkish mythology has a narrative as intense as other mythologies in history. In addition to historical events, we see that mythological characters and events will play an important role in the series.

Details for the Göktürk trilogy will continue to be shared on the CaglarArts YouTube channel. As details about the films become clear, we will share them with you.

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