EYEDIUS, which provides artificial intelligence-based security services, received an investment of 4 million 150 thousand TL

Eyedius, which provides artificial intelligence supported alarm and proactive security services by using the existing cameras of the users, received an investment of 4 million 150 thousand TL in its growth investment tour. Eyedius, which closed its investment tour with Boğaziçi Ventures, Ak Portföy and Bedri Güntay, aims to offer alarm and security services with a smarter and more flexible subscription system for small and medium-sized businesses.

Eyedius, which provides artificial intelligence supported alarm and proactive security services by using the existing security cameras of the users, has completed its new investment round that will accelerate its growth in Turkey and the global market. In the investment tour, which included Boğaziçi Ventures, Ak Portfolio and Bedri Güntay, Eyedius received a total investment of 4.150.000 TL.


Offering an innovative security service to its users with its artificial intelligence-supported technologies since 2017, Eyedius automatically analyzes the current security camera images of users every second without incurring additional hardware costs and generates warnings in case of a risky situation. Eyedius, which has implemented and implemented face recognition, human detection tracking, special object detection algorithms and high-tech knowledge as special projects in large-scale companies such as housing estates and factories, since its first establishment in 2017. makes it suitable for businesses of any size.

Aiming to reach more efficient, smarter and budget-friendly security solutions for businesses struggling with the economic impact of the pandemic process, Eyedius will transform the security of businesses into a more technological one. Advanced technology security solutions, which are mostly used in large-scale businesses, will now be accessible to every business with Eyedius.


Bringing the traditional alarm service preferred by small and medium-sized businesses to the future with artificial intelligence technology, Eyedius does not incur additional hardware costs as it works without the need for any additional hardware to the existing camera and computer of the users. With Eyedius, where the images are completely analyzed by artificial intelligence, false alarms or camera monitoring is eliminated. Eyedius, which can be rented on a monthly basis regardless of the number of cameras of the users, offers users flexible payment opportunities without the obligation of monthly commitment, penal sanctions and withdrawal fees that negatively affect the users. In this way, it brings together small and medium-sized businesses that want to receive security services and high-tech solutions at affordable prices.


Eyedius CEO Gökhan Talat Tuna, who said that we have transformed the artificial intelligence-supported security solutions we developed into a structure that can be easily accessed by every business, gave the following information about the investment process: “Our goal since the first day of our establishment is to make all areas of life safe. Since 2017, we have implemented our image processing-oriented projects in the field of security by working with dozens of different corporate companies. Our aim with this investment is to support small and medium-sized businesses in our country, which has been heavily affected by the pandemic, by offering a budget-friendly, smart and useful security system. We will continue our efforts to ensure that every business can access high technology regarding security, which is one of our most important needs. After 2022, we aim to grow towards the European market”.

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