Facebook: Ads Coming to WhatsApp in 2020

During the annual Facebook Marketing Summit (FMS), Facebook made important statements about the new features that WhatsApp, the world’s largest instant messaging application, will receive.


According to the statement made by Facebook, WhatsApp will show ads between Statuses with an update that it will receive next year. With a 10-year history, WhatsApp has never shown ads to users until now.

WhatsApp ads will be similar to ads in Instagram Stories. You will see ads among people when viewing other users’ statuses. These ads will direct you to a link, just like on Instagram.


Another important improvement will be in WhatsApp Business. In WhatsApp Business, which will have a rich message format, users will be able to view media files or PDF documents with text.

In addition, the product catalog in WhatsApp Business will be integrated with the Facebook product catalog. Thus, users will be able to communicate with the business more easily and send a message about the product or product catalogue.


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