Facebook Announces New Software Framework Named Pythia

Like other technology companies, Facebook continues to work on artificial intelligence technologies. Facebook, which created many artificial intelligence software frameworks that could be useful to developers in the past, announced that it has created a new software framework today. In order for developers to benefit, the open source shared software framework was added on top of Facebook’s previously created PyTorch, and this framework was named Pythia.


Pythia enables AI models to be created, replicated and benchmarked against other models faster. Pythia, whose target point is images, can answer questions about these images and create captions about images. In addition, with the help of Pythia, some measurements can be made and timings can be established.


In the statements made by Facebook, it was stated that Pythia was created to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence technologies, and that they will continue to support the development of Pythia.

If you want to reach Pythia, you can access it right here.

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