Featured Names for Huawei’s Operating System Announced

Blacklisted by the United States, Huawei said in the first statements, “Wait, see.” and “We have plan B ready.” He had made such appearances. It was very clear that the Chinese technology giant Huawei, of course, had some assurances under such statements. We have compiled for you what these assurances are.

Founded in 1987, Huawei has been working on phones, modems and telecommunication networks ever since. Huawei, which started to make a name for itself in 2012, surpassed Ericcson that year, achieved great success and became one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. Founded with a capital of 35 thousand dollars, Huawei has become the 12th most valuable brand in the world in this process. The company’s current brand value is $62.3 billion.


Of course, this success could be temporary, and Huawei was aware of this. Wanting to be prepared for the problems they may encounter, Huawei continued to work on this issue. Rumors about an operating system from Huawei first surfaced in 2012. This operating system, which was revealed by a local media outlet, fell like a bomb on the Chinese agenda at that time, but the company officials generally preferred to stay away from the explanations and there was no clear information.

In 2016, Huawei once again came to the fore with its own operating system. This time, the allegations were a little more serious. In fact, according to the information that emerged, Huawei had developed this operating system as an alternative to Android and would only remain as an ’emergency’ measure. The company had no intention of using this operating system under normal circumstances. Huawei’s foresight has thus revealed how right they are in this process.

What Will Huawei’s Operating System Offer Us?

To give some information about Huawei’s operating system in the light of the statements made and the information revealed; Of course, Huawei’s operating system will not include Google applications and will work independently. This operating system, which has been developed to work on smartphones, tablets, wearable technology products and even computers and televisions, will also be compatible with applications developed for Andorid. According to the statements made by the company, the performance of this operating system will be 60 percent better than Android. If the company can really make users feel the high performance it promises, it will be a huge nightmare for Google and Android.


What will be the name of the operating system and when will it be used?

There are two names that stand out especially for Huawei’s operating system. These names are HongMeng OS and indeoenOS. The name HongMeng OS was also mentioned in the past years, but there was no clear statement from the company at that time. However, it was announced by Huawei Central, which works for Huawei and generally reports the most accurate and detailed information about the company, that the operating system will be named HongMeng. However, during the statements made by Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, it was announced that it was specified as indeoenOS. However, this information has not been confirmed by official channels.

It is now clear that the company has a new operating system. However, it is not clear when this operating system will be available to users. If we look at Huawei in this period when the swords are drawn with America, it will be in the company’s interest to present the operating system to users as soon as possible. There are two different claims in this regard. The first of these is that the operating system will be used from the beginning of next year, and the second is that the operating system will be used in the autumn of this year.

Only time will tell us who will be harmed in America’s taking such a decision.

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