Female software developers get less than 10 percent of the world’s software jobs!

Research shows that women working in software engineering can get a maximum of 15 percent of jobs, and 12 percent in cloud computing. Exceptionly Co-Founder Ergül Çivi said, “As in all areas of life, we have to ensure the empowerment of women in the software industry. On the other hand, we must acknowledge that human resources teams are having a hard time reaching the next generation of talent.”

Software technologies are at the forefront of the sectors where gender inequality is chronic. According to the data compiled by Exceptionly, a local startup that brings software developers and companies together, women can get less than 10 percent of software jobs worldwide. It is seen that this rate is 15 percent in software engineering and 12 percent in cloud computing.

Ergül Çivi, who previously worked as a manager at world giants Microsoft and Spotify and recently started to work at Exceptionly as the Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer (COO), said, “Gender equality data in the software industry is very sad and unfortunately not for the better. not going. As in all areas of life, we have to ensure the empowerment of women in the software industry. On the other hand, we must accept that the existing human resources teams of many companies have difficulties in reaching new generation talents in the world of software technologies that are changing and developing every day, where there are dozens of technologies and hundreds of libraries.

He will use his experience in global companies for female software developers

Stating that as Exceptionly, they ensure the assessment of talents and job suitability on a global scale by hunting for talent in the software industry, Ergül Çivi said, “At the same time, we bring software developers together with companies operating in the USA, Canada, England and European countries. We have established a structure we call engineer-to-engineer recruitment experience. Today, we can reach companies to over 2 million proven software developers in 170 countries. This number corresponds to 10% of 24.5 million software developers worldwide. Now, it is time to make an important start to pave the way for women software developers and to eliminate the inequalities that are unfortunately getting deeper in this field,” she said.

“85 percent of tech budgets go to middlemen rather than talented professionals”

Mentioning that companies invest in software talent to ensure product success, but often the benefit/cost balance becomes unsustainable, Ergül Çivi said, “A large portion of technology budgets, such as 85 percent, that should go to software developers, go to outsourcing companies instead of talented professionals. We know that it is impossible to be successful globally without objective and fair recruitment exams powered by big data and artificial intelligence. In software engineering, decision makers often have very clear needs. However, they waste time with inefficient candidates and interviews. At this point, as Exceptionly, we support companies, reduce the operational burden of our customers and accelerate their recruitment processes, as well as provide a cost advantage of more than 50 percent with the opportunity to reach global talents.

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