Financial revolution in the agricultural sector!

The increase in the world population day by day brings together agricultural production with technology. The agricultural sector, which closely follows technological developments to increase agricultural productivity, is entering a new era in which millions of agricultural producers and workers will be included in the advanced finance and banking ecosystem.

While technological developments break all sectors from traditional methods and encourage digitalization, they also lead the agricultural sector to radical changes. According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the global agricultural product, which has increased 11 times in the last 50 years and reached 3.5 trillion dollars, is insufficient to meet the demand. The expectation that Turkey’s population will reach 100 million in 2050, when the United Nations estimates that the world’s population will reach 10 billion, reveals the necessity of making use of technology in a multi-faceted way in the agricultural sector.

Focusing on technological products that will increase productivity in production, agriculture is also shaped by digital solutions offered by different sectors. The last example of these solutions came from the financial sector. Lydium Marketing Director David Roth, who said that the crypto money technology, which finds itself in the agriculture sector, brings new digital ecosystems to the sector, made the following statements: “With Lydium, which we see as the digital seed of the agricultural sector, we bring together the masses, especially millions of agricultural producers and agricultural workers, who cannot benefit from banking services, with digital transactions. . We have developed a digital finance and banking ecosystem for banking services such as receiving payments, making payments and using loans. We believe that the solution to financial problems in the agricultural sector is through a decentralized financial system. To solve scalability and efficiency issues, we provide industry representatives with safer, faster and less costly transactions using blockchain.”

Banking services will be managed from a single mobile application

Stating that Lydium is the first project to bring DeFi (decentralized finance sector) to the agriculture sector, Lydium Marketing Director David Roth said: “Lydium enables manufacturers to access the financial resources they need with the cryptocurrency LYD Coin. We offer high-yielding opportunities to investors and fast and easily accessible financing for producers. This also means a financial revolution in the agricultural sector. We completed the first phase of the pre-sale of LYD Coin at the expected pace. With the start of the second phase of the sale, we continue to make new deals and new investments, aiming to expand the global investor base. In the agricultural sector, there is no time to waste waiting for payments to be made. One of the most important advantages of Lydium is that all transactions in its financial network are free and fast. That’s why our approach to scalability and efficiency ensures that operations run smoothly. Also, anyone in the agriculture industry is network accessible, facilitating collaboration agreements globally.”

All banking transactions are safer, faster and free of charge.

Saying that they developed Lydium for the representatives of the agricultural sector who cannot benefit from banking services, Lydium Marketing Director David Roth said, “We are making banking transactions safer, faster and cost-free by using double-layered blockchain distribution technology that works in parallel with the main chain. With the Lydium Wallet application, we provide the opportunity to manage all advanced banking services such as receiving payments, making payments, using loans and collecting funds through a single mobile application. With Lydium Card, we also serve users on all online platforms where credit cards are valid.”

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