Fire in Marmaris Taken Under Control

The forest fires that started in Marmaris in the past days have caused many discussions and the question “Can it be sabotage?” allegations were made. We have also shared with you the statements of the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirişçi.

The expected news came today about the fire, which lasted for about 4 days. The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry announced that the fire was under control.

Cooling works started

In his statements, Kirişçi stated that in the next process, the burned areas will be given time for self-afforestation and saplings will be planted where necessary. In addition, it was reported that a total of 12 thousand 412 tons of water was thrown until the fire control was taken, and a total of 1069 hours was spent by aircraft and helicopters fighting the fire in terms of flight time.

Details are coming…

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